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Show Crush: The Wandas / Rabble Rabble / Taiwan Typhoon / Cooling Towers at Precinct tomorrow

August 9, 2011

Excepting the time I spent in Brighton, Jamaica Plain and Back Bay, I’ve spent every single minute of this past weekend hanging out in Union Square. Now with this show coming up on Wednesday at Precinct, why not go for four days in a row? (Keep in mind: I’ve been in a self-induced coma since yesterday that will continue through to midnight tonight. This post is entirely a product of my subconscious mind. Therefore, streak intact.)

Anyway, headlining this piece at Precinct is The Wandas (pronounced: th/ə/ WAHN-dəs), who will be performing an acoustic set. The four-piece has been around since 2002 and is still kicking ass left and right. They’re currently accepting pre-orders on their Kickstarter-funded self-titled album on digital, CD or precious, precious vinyl. The leadoff single “Forever and Ever” is available for download in exchange for signing up on their mailing list.

Before that, we’ve got Rabble Rabble from Chicago. While this is a Boston-focused blog, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t dedicate a few lines to the bill’s out-of-town interlopers. Listen to “Why Not”, their latest single, on Bandcamp. Then agree with me wholly and unconditionally when I tell you they’re rad. (They’re rad.)

Second in the batting lineup is Taiwan Typhoon. All three tracks from Swell, their latest EP via Curve of the Earth Records, is up on their site for your listening pleasure. Previous EP Act Natural is available as a pay-what-you-want download. Considering they’ve already given me top advice in the first 20 seconds of listening to “Roman Riot” (“Asshole, don’t talk back to the boss/He can cut your hours, bro.”), I’d say it’s at least worth full price.

Opening the evening is Cooling Towers. I actually had the opportunity to run into guitarist Ronan Fahy at the Great Scott July 4th barbecue. We talked about effects pedals and generally nerded out about gear before I promised him I would come to his next show. (Since I pretend to be a truthful person, I expect to be there.) Their tune, “Joan of Arc”, is available for free download on Bandcamp and is suspiciously credited to Fahy/Bouchard. At press time I have not received word whether or not it’s the same person as our own Richard Bouchard. However, if it’s as I fear and this is Rich’s sinister doppelgänger, the “twitching shame-spiral of bloody knuckles and hurt feelings” Cooling Towers’ bio promises would be worth the cover charge alone. There can be only one. [Editor’s note – it’s a different Bouchard]

Speaking of: the cover charge is still something of a mystery, but this intrepid reporter was able to gather enough information from a confidential source. I can confidently write it will likely be between $5 – $8. By “confidential source” I really mean the WANDAS, who were kind enough to tweet back.

Precinct | Wednesday, August 10 – 8pm

21+ | Facebook event page

The Wandas – “Forever and Ever” Forever and Ever (new!) by the WANDAS

Taiwan Typhoon – “Roman Riot”

Cooling Towers – “Joan of Arc”

Rabble Rabble – “Why Not”

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