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Show Crush: Cropduster / Cancer Killing Gemini / Caged Heat / The Battleships Cometh at the Rosebud tonight

August 11, 2011

Time for another Thursday night in; feet up on the coffee table, eyes alternating between a Grisham novel and “unscripted” tv while mindlessly trying letter combinations to accidentally score points in a game of Words with Friends on your phone. Sounds awful, right? It’s Thursday, though, gotta work in the morning and all that. Well we say throw off the shackles of banality, hoist the flag of rock and march to Davis Square for a performance by some of the most interesting bands this damn city has to offer.

Cropduster will close out the night at the Rosebud; their psychedelic, alien drug metal will have your head spinning. Industrial-ish behemoths Cancer Killing Gemini bring genre after genre into their rock refinery, melting them all down instead of just stacking them on top of each other to create a crisp, well blended sound. Blues punks Caged Heat, featuring Elena Siegman on vocals, were a late but very very welcome addition to the bill, they’ll shake the place to it’s very foundation. Opening up the night, the Battleships Cometh will deliver an unrelenting assault of riffs and melody, with devilish frontwoman Leilani packing a lifetime of arena rock influence into every note.

Facebook event page
8pm / 21+

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