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Festival Crush: We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10 presented by The Whitehaus Family Record at the Cambridge YMCA Theater on Sunday

August 12, 2011

Another summer festival? Yer darn tootin’! This time, it’s the wacky gang from the Whitehaus. They’re bringing their attitude and can do spirit from their home base* in Jamaica Plain to the YMCA theater in Cambridge. It’s the third installment in their summer Weirdstock series, which gets bigger and bigger every year. This year’s schedule is jam packed with bands, some from Boston and some from faraway, exotic places with names like “Maine” and “Cinncinati.” Dubbed We are Guest Talk, Free: $10, scroll down for the lineup.

*it’s literally their home base, which is to say that they live there. It’s where they eat and sleep and shower and make art and help each other and play ball in the house even though mom always says not to and then the basketball bounces down the stairs and breaks the thing and all the other kids cover up for Peter so he can go on his camping trip. They’re a heartwarming bunch.

Here’s the lineup we promised:
Shane Myrbeck/Emily Shisko
Metal and Glass Ensemble
Peace, Loving
Alien Moon Partnership
Not Art
Pom Teddy
Melissa Huser
Baby Names
Hunnie Bunnies
The Debate
Guerilla Toss
Supremo Puppet Show
Flandrew Fleisenberg
Cotton Candy
Gay Shapes
The Needy Visions
Walter Wright/Jules Vasylenko Duo
Cave Bears
Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers
Table Radios
Son of Salami
Solace Media Corporation Tourist
Unicorns in the Snow
Crank Sturgeon
Shea and Skot of Maine
Cloud Becomes Your Hand
Kurt Weisman
Nat Baldwin
Nautical Almanac
Fat Worm of Error

Official event page (with tons of video)
2pm / all ages / $10

One Comment
  1. Thanks for the awesome blog post, you crushable crushies. Just wanted to post a quick update to the lineup. . . There was a bit of band shuffling, some folks couldn't make it, others were added. Here's the most up to date schedule: Doors at 1pm……entrance installation by Shane A. Myrbeck / Emily Shisko (SF)02:00 – 03:00 Metal and Glass Ensemble 03:00 – 03:05 Peace, Loving03:05 – 03:10 Dinners 03:10 – 03:15 Alien Moon Partnership 03:15 – 03:20 Not Art 03:20 – 03:25 FOOM03:25 – 03:30 Pom03:30 – 03:35 Teddy 03:35 – 03:40 Mellissa Huser 03:40 – 03:45 Baby Names03:45 – 03:50 Hunnie Bunnies 03:50 – 03:55 The Debate 03:55 – 04:00 Guerilla Toss 04:00 – 04:10 Supremo Puppet Show 04:10 – 04:20 The Needy Visions 04:20 – 04:30 Knight Howls04:30 – 04:40 Gay Shapes04:40 – 04:50 Skinny Vinny04:50 – 05:00 Walter Wright / Jules Vasylenko 05:00 – 05:15 Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers 05:15 – 05:30 Cotton Candy 05:30 – 05:45 Cave Bears 05:45 – 06:05 Son of Salami (VT) 06:05 – 06:25 Solace Media Corp Tourists (OH) 06:25 – 06:55 Unicorns in the Snow (MO) 06:55 – 07:15 Shea and Skot of Maine (Shea Mowat / idm theft able) 07:15 – 07:35 Crank Sturgeon (ME) 07:35 – 07:55 Diagram A07:55 – 08:15 Cloud Becomes Your Hand (NY) 08:15 – 08:40 Keith Fullerton Whitman08:40 – 09:00 Kurt Weisman (NH) 09:00 – 09:20 Horaflora (SF) 09:20 – 09:50 Nautical Almanac (MD) 09:50 – 10:15 Fat Worm of Error

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