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Show Crush: Dan Baker and the Breakdown with Laura Grill at the Plough and Stars tomorrow

August 12, 2011

Comparing Dan Baker to Tom Waits is easy. A “layup” as I’ve heard it called in Basketball. Both slosh their way through multiple genres but keep their feet firmly planted in the singer-songwriter soil and both have unnaturally, off-kilter, gorgeous voices. There’s a reason why it’s so easy – because Dan’s music can pass as Tom’s any day of the week (please hold off on the hate mail … hear me out first).

He combines Mr. Waits’ early penchant for barroom-baladry with his later amused bewilderment of dark-alley characters, and meshes them into his own version of a folk/blues drunken two-step. But Dan can also paint landscapes like Dylan, spindle a tale as easy as Townes Van Zandt and mesmerize like Bert Jansch – a pin drop would be deafening when he performs. Though Dan may be getting sick of the comparison, it’s not a bad one to have.

Laura Grill will be joining Dan with her velvety voice wafting its way through your ears. As you cull your beer after what I assume is a long work week (because isn’t every week a long work week?), sit back and let Laura wash your worries away.

Find out for yourself, tomorrow night at the Plough and Stars.

9:30 / 21+ / $5

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