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Songwriter Crush: Reuben Bettsak / Jessica Sun Lee / Ian Kennedy / Phil Wisdom / Chris Mulvey at Precinct tonight

August 12, 2011

Precinct has an evening of stripped down performances by some of Boston’s best rockers planned for tonight. Reuben Bettsak of Guillermo Sexo, Future Carnivores and MEandJOANCOLLINS; Jessica Sun Lee of Secret Satellites and the Sun Lee Sunbeam; Ian Kennedy of Reverse; Phil Wisdom of Butterknife; and Chris Mulvey of Muy Cansado have all proven time and again that they can rain down power when they want to, but tonight is a chance to see them play bare bones, subdued versions of their songs, letting everyone focus on the melody and lyrics a bit more than usual. We’re sure they’ll all get back to doing what they do best in no time, but this show looks like a wonderful opportunity to see some awesome bands in a new light.

The other thing that makes nights like this special is the chance to see surprise collaborations and one off match-ups. Stick around for the whole night, kids; we’re sure you’ll see something special happen.

Facebook event page
9pm / 21+

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