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Show Crush: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper / Luke Rathborne / The Milkman’s Union at the Middle East Upstairs tomorrow

August 17, 2011
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
photo by M. Shervin

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper will be back in Cambridge tomorrow night, headlining a wonderful evening at the Middle East upstairs. She’s been creating a lot of well-earned buzz for the last year or so, making the rounds between Boston, Brooklyn and her hometown of Portland, Maine. Her diminutive frame belies her gigantic stage presence; once she starts singing it’s hard to see her as anything less than thirty feet tall with a megaphone. The true power of her performance can be seen in the lulls within the songs; she commands the audience’s attention so strongly that every pause leaves a deafening hush over the room until she starts again. When she is performing, no one is watching the game, no one speaks above a whisper and even the tiny clink of glasses from the back of the room seems to be a cacophonous interruption; it’s rare to see a performer hold such sway over the crowds so well.

She’ll be joined by Maine born but Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luke Rathborne and the ethereal yet somehow still down to earth Milkman’s Union, who also hail from Maine. Sort of seems like they all got together on purpose.

Facebook event page
8pm / 18+ / $10 (advance tickets)

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