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Benefit Show Crush: Stop the Stigma, an awareness concert for Tunefoolery at the Lily Pad tomorrow

August 18, 2011

Guitarist Brendan Burns, of the Bent Wit Cabaret‘s Elephant Tango among other things, has been volunteering his talents by teaching musicians with psychiatric disabilities at Tunefoolery for about five years now. The organization aims to shine a light on the abilities of it’s students rather than focusing on any deficiency, and bring about awareness and acceptance by eventually eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness.

To that end, Burns has gathered some friends and collaborators for a benefit concert at the Lily Pad in Cambridge tomorrow night. Mali Sastri, Tony Leva and Raky Sastri of Jaggery, Sarah Rabdau of Sarah Rabdau & The Self-Employed Assassins, Molly Zenobia, Lainey SchoolTree, Brian King of What Time Is It Mr. Fox? will lend their extraordinary talents to the cause, joining Burns and several Tunefoolery members for an evening titled Stop the Stigma. This is a bunch that promises a rollicking good time, and the chance of one-off collaborations and improvisation is sky high; this is a worthwhile bill without the added, feel good bonus of being for charity. The show starts at an early 7pm, which will leave time to see other things later in the evening, so please stop by and show your support; and if you can’t make it, you can always head to their donations page to help.

Facebook event page

7pm / all ages / $8

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