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Show Crush: The Rationales / The Shellye Valauskas Experience / McAlister Drive at the Rosebud tomorrow

August 19, 2011
The Rationales

There are few things as enjoyable seeing as a good, old-fashioned rock ‘n roll band in a small venue, surrounded by friends with a cheap beer in hand. Luckily, the Rationales are set to bring their straight ahead American rock the Rosebud stage tomorrow night. Masterful songwriters, their music is layered and carefully crafted. Their power stems from their ability to rein themselves in, to not allow the songs to wander out of the territory they’ve set aside. They keep their boots mostly planted in the hooky, melodic rock that’s served them so well over the years; at times they’ll drift closer to the Americana or power pop end of the spectrum, but it always self-corrects at just the right moment, preferring to live in the area between their two great influences.

Making the trek up from Connecticut, indie pop outfit the Shellye Valauskas Experience will be joining them for the evening, and there are rumors of a special surprise band stopping by to add to the fun, but everyone involved has bee pretty tight lipped about exactly who it is. Who could it be? Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions? Aerosmith? Kreayshawn? Looks like you’ll have to stop by to find out. (UPDATE: the cat’s out of the bag, the mystery guest is going to be McAlister Drive; they’ll be stopping by after they play Greenfest)

Facebook event page
9pm / 21+

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