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Show Crush: A Wish for Fire, The Darker Hues, Yankee Power, Dadfight at TT’s tomorrow

August 25, 2011
A Wish For Fire

TT the Bear’s Place seems intent on heralding the incoming hurricane with a night of raw rock power; stop in tomorrow night and shake your fist at the sky before the deluge hits on Sunday.

Rumble veterans A Wish for Fire will cap the night off with a torrent of haunting riffs, intense percussion and passionate vocals. Not quite metal, psychedelia or shoegaze, they take the best parts of everything to craft soaring anthems and devastating rock dirges that leave audiences clamoring for more. They’ve also got a powerful stage presence, giving even smallish club performances the feel of hulking arena shows. Filling the two middle slots, The Darker Hues and Yankee Power will offer an all-out, guns blazing assault on the crowd, raining down explosive solos and rapid fire drumming. Hardcore pop outfit Dadfight will open the evening up, trouncing convention with their alternative brand of rock. Definitely not for the faint of heart; once you’ve survived this bill, the storm will seem like a warm spring rain.

Facebook event page
9pm / 18+ / $9

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