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Show Crush: The 360s / The Grinds / Radio Control at the Plough and Stars tomorrow

August 26, 2011

The 360s are back on the scene with no small vengeance, and they’ll be taking over the tiny Plough and Stars in Cambridge tomorrow night. Frontwoman Audrey Clark has the lyrical skills of a poet and a deadpan delivery that makes it obvious that she’s not doing this to be cool, she’s doing it because it’s in her bones. Many of you are likely fans of Jeff Buckley’s song “Yard of Blonde Girls;” but what you might not know is the fact that Audrey wrote it along with her sister Lori Kramer. Guitarist Eric Russell is an inspired melodist, with his soaring legato phrasing, but also has a fat vibrato that brings to mind the playing of Matt Sullivan (or that kid with the funny clothes in AC/DC). Bassist Linda Bean, well known to fans of Ad Frank, is simply a rock goddess. This version of the band also features the multitalented Ian Clark, Audrey’s son, who fills the drum throne ably. The 360s playing the Plough is sure to be a spectacle.
Those of you who actually felt the earthquake on Wednesday might be aching for some more of that shaking thing. The Grinds will bring their ass-shaking Boston Punk meets Detroit Soul sound to the party. Featuring members of the Spoilers, the Acro-Brats and the Tenafly Vipers among their numbers, they form some sort of Boston punk behemoth that commands you to dance along. Punk-pop duo Radio Control, featuring Kristina Otero on drums and vocals, and Matt Studivan on guitar and vocals. They are part of the Polk Records family, headed by Streight Angular frontman Al Polk. They have a straightforward punk driven sound that has some of that T. Rex sauciness. Their catchy hit “Hot Audio” is featured on their web page.

Facebook event page
8pm / 21+

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