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Show Crush: Pray for Polanski / Klezwoods / Electric Simcha / Cradle to the Grave at TT’s tonight

August 30, 2011

There is a movie called “Dummy” that you’ve probably never seen. It features Milla Jovavich in a supporting role as the leader of a local punk band. Desperate for a gig, any gig, she books one with a wedding planner friend (played by Illeana Douglas) by bluffing that she “can totally play klezmer music” even though she doesn’t know what klezmer music is. In the final act, the band surprises everyone by playing a sexy, exciting marriage of punk and traditional klezmer that the people in that small town will be talking about for years to come. Check it out on Netflix, it also has Adrien Brody and Vera Farmiga.

The point of all this is that tonight at TT’s, you’ll have the opportunity to see that sort of thing in real life, as Philadelphia’s Electric Simcha and Boston’s own Klezwoods take the stage. They both mix jazz and punk sensibilities with the traditional music of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, creating a playful, upbeat sound that is both familiar and different. They’ll be filling in the middle slots for the evening, bookended by more straight ahead punk outfits Pray for Polanski and Cradle to the Grave. In this case “straight ahead” certainly doesn’t mean boring or uninspired – Pray for Polanski play a notoriously hard to pin down style, constantly jumping from aggressive and in your face rawk to mellow pop punk and everything in between; while Cradle to the Grave deliver a non-stop barrage of riffs and percussion that leaves you feeling battered (in a good way though).

Facebook event page
9pm / 18+ / $8

Desperate Danger by Pray for Polanski

Electric Simcha by Electric Simcha

Despite Everything by Cradle To The Grave

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