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Show Crush: You Can Be A Wesley / Bodega Sluts at the Middlesex tonight

August 31, 2011

Best party ever is tonight at the Middlesex Lounge you guys.* Every month the Bodega Girls take the place over, King EvRock DJs a mix of pure adrenaline and awesome while Carmen blows everybody’s collective mind. It’s sort of like Jackie Treehorn meets Studio 54 meets the house party in Weird Science, which is to say it’s awesome. They’ve always got candy, Doritos, laser lights, a photo booth and the best looking people in the world all getting sweaty.

This month they say goodbye to summer by adding a couple live performances into the mix. Energetic, pulsing heartthrobs You Can Be A Wesley will be on hand, making everybody feel special in their sexy bits with their fuzzed out lo-fi. There’ll also be an appearance by the Bodega Sluts, the punk offshoot that features members of the Bodega Girls and Viva Viva; and DJ Paul Foley will be spinning records when EvRock is otherwise engaged (“engaged” in this case means scoring with your girlfriend)(sorry dude).

In other Bodega news, they got together with Stereo Telescope earlier in the month to release Spank Bank, a four track EP featuring the bands remixing each other. If you haven’t gotten your hot little internet hands on it yet, grab it here.

*until the next one

Facebook event page
9pm / 21+ / FREE

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