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Festival Crush: Campfire this weekend at Club Passim

September 1, 2011

Labor Day weekend guarantees the same two things every year: moving day and Campfire at Club Passim. And BBQs. So three things. There are probably others too. Anyway, moving day sucks and Campfire is awesome. From Friday at 6pm through Monday evening, the historic non-profit venue will host over 50 artists from Boston and beyond. One of our favorite things about Campfire is that singer/songwriters, folk acts, old blues guys, Americana bands, young blues guys and others are all in one place for the weekend, so the potential for improvisation and one off collaboration is sky high. Single day and full weekend passes are available, so scroll through the lineup below and figure out which works best for you.

Facebook event page
All ages / $10 day pass / $30 weekend pass (advance tickets)

Friday: Viatsa, Ria Mae, Beth Colgrove, Lora-Faye Whelan, Kara Kulpa, Nini Fabi, Lloyd Thayer, Jeremy Lyons, Carrie Ferguson, Eric Scott Guthrie, Jesse Terry, Noam Weinstein, Dave Dersham, Anita Suhanin

Saturday: Blues Ensemble, Susan Cattaneo, Tom Smith, Randall Krom, Addie Brownlee, Laura Grill Band, Jason Saltiel, Emily Ronna, Eric Leva, Anna Rose Beck, Tricky Britches, Plume Giant, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Rachael Sage, Julia Price, Sarah Borello, The Electric Heaters, Dave Godowsky, Kimon Kirk, Bhi Bhiman, Brian Webb, Gideon Brown, Liz Longley, Rhianna LaRocque, Nathan Reich, Jayme Salviati

Sunday: Celtic Ensemble, Kyle Carey, Amanda Cavanaugh & Katie McNally, Dry River Caravan, Ethan Roberts and Cold Chocolate, Reeling Kites, Oen Kennedy, Bridget Matros, Libby Kirkpatrick, Tara Greenblatt, Sarah Walk, Courtney Hartman, Ana Malozzi, Ariel Rubin, Anna Dagmar, Logan Venderlic, Robby Hecht, Jenee Halstead, James Keyes, Phil Henry, Pamela Means, Dietrich Strause, Joel Ninesling, Joe Kowan

Monday: Americana Ensemble, Beggar’s Ride, KAIVAMA, The YaYas, Lovanova, The Boxvar Lillies, Jean Rohe, Carmel Mikol, Katerina Polemi, Mare Wakefield, The Dust Poets, Meghan Yates, Alastair Moock, Rob Laurens, Lori McKenna, Jake Armerding, Mariel Vandersteel, Dan Baker and the Breakdown, Rose Polenzani, Dinty Child, Sean Staples, Rose Cousins, Laura Cortese, David Champagne, Jess Tardy, Kristin Andreassen, Amy Correia

Full schedule with set times available here.

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